Aim and Scope

The purpose of TranSynergy is to provide an academic and intellectual platform for scholars and researchers on which international research and studies can be shared in accordance with the changing trends and demands in English studies in the fields of translation, linguistics, literature studies, cultural studies, language studies, intercultural communication and teaching/training in these fields.

TranSynergy aims to transcend the conventional theoretical, methodological, linguistic, geographical, academic, and cultural boundaries also including interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary conceptual approaches in the related fields and to make scholarly engagements for the dialogue between the “center” and the “periphery”, with its wide-ranging perspective.

The target audience of the journal consists of academicians, researchers, professionals, students, and related professional academic institutions and organizations.

TranSynergy welcomes studies in the fields of Translation Theory, Translation Criticism, History of Translation and Translation Studies, Machine Translation, New Technologies in Translation, Audiovisual Translation, Translator Training, Interpreting, Translation Sociology, Terminology Studies, Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Neurolinguistics, English Literature, American Literature, Comparative Literature Studies, and Teaching/Training in the fields of Translation Studies, Literature, and Linguistics.

TranSynergy publishes academic, scientific, and research-based articles and welcomes research articles, review articles, translation articles, conference papers, and book reviews.

The journal publishes biannually as an e-journal, in every December and May. TranSynergy does not charge any article submission or processing charges.